2019, Unisma Expand its Cooperative Relationship to Middle East

Universitas Islam Malang (Unisma) showed its concrete path to reach its dream to be a World Class University. On 12/11, this campus held a seminar related to optimization of higher education in tighten Indonesian position in collaborating with several Middle East countries and Islamic Cooperative Organization (OKI).

This seminar was attended by the assistant of President of Middle East and OKI, Drs. DedeAchmadRifai, M.A. as well as 100 participants. The participants were not only from Unisma, but also from NU Universities in East Java.

In this seminar, Mr. Dede stated about tips, tricks, and opportunities for Indonesia to include itself in world job opportunity in Middle East and OKI. “There are many sectors for Indonesia, such as construction, health care, gas, finance, industry, air transportation, hospitality, and religion,” said Mr. Dede.

Meanwhile, the rector of Unisma, Prof. Maskuri, M.Si burnt up the spirit of Unisma towards this expansion opportunity. Until today, there are 24 countries which have cooperated with Unisma, both in nondegree and degree matters. “So far, we have cooperated with Saudi Arabia in terms of Arabic learning strategy, we also cooperate well with Egypt and Libya. This shows that our relationships are not only limited to Asian countries, but also up to Middle East ones,” claimed the Rector.