Unisma Build Five more Buildings: It takes 25 Billion Rupiahs

Universitas Islam Malang (UNisma) keeps on constructing and developing itself to become the best Private University. It is proven through the first grounding of five building all at once with 25 billion rupiahs.

The Rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. Maskuri, M.Si stated that the significant development and the society trust towards Unima is irresistibly high that the need of development and construction of this campus is highly needed.

“This academic year, we can only accept 4.018 students out of 7.000 new students who register to Unisma. Out of 4.600 universities in Indonesia, Unisma places the best 69,” said the first chairman in Unisma.

In the first grounding, Unisma plans to build five buildings at once. This constructions include a three stories library, five stories integrated labotatory, three stories dormitory, two stories business center, and three stories parking lot.

This massive constructions must be finished by the end of 2019. It is going to take 25 billion rupiahs.

“in the pre-construction process, there are 15 construction company which join open tender, all of them are presented by the deans and lecturers of Unisma to create transparency climate within internal condition of Unisma. Our purpose is to create the development of education and the comfort of students,” added the Rector.

In order to achieve the will of Allah SWT, Unisma also invited 16 Ulamas to pray together for the safety and blessings of this campus and its programs.