Syariah Economics Education: Unisma Role

The special staff of President of Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ahmad EraniYustika claims that Univertitasislam Malang (Unisma) has an ability to manage funding for villages. That is a reason for Unisma to help the country to develop villages, in accordance with the government program named Pertides (perguruanTInggiuntukDesa).

This program draws university to facilitate the management of funding for villages. Until today, there are one thousand university students who help developing villages in many location in Indonesia. “As far as I know, there are only state universities include in this program, I think this is far from enough. Unisma has a capability to do so,” said Prof. Erani in Seminar of Society Based Syariah Economic Development for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Unisma on 27/11.

The existence of Pertides is very helpful. Every village can upgrade the economic potencialupto 50%. Therefore, Pertides must have creative ideas to develop villages. “The funding is a lot, yet most citizens are still lack of inspiration to make use of the funding,” she added.

If 50% universities in Malang play role in Pertides, It is believed that there will be an increasing amount of village facilitator, up to two thousand facilitator.