Unisma Faculty of Economics and Business, Accounting Study Program, once again held the prestigious 2019 Accounting Quiz Competition. This time, in addition to involving high school, vocational and Islamic Senior High School levels, it also invites students from various universities throughout Indonesia . The theme was “Improve Your Skills in Accounting Competition and Show That You Are the Best Generation” for students and the title is “Sustainability Accounting Profession in The Digital Economic Era 4.0” specifically for students. (11/19).

The Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business of UNISMA,  Nur Diana SE MS, said that the rapid technological development will increase the use of technology in accounting and auditing. As a result, accountants and accounting firms will be “forced” to develop mobile applications to be able to access data directly from mobile devices, tablets and virtual reality (VR).

“Financial statement audits are carried out on a real-time basis where regulators and auditors pull the required data automatically directly from the systems and sensors attached to operational activities; thus, the transparency and accuracy of the data generated can be justified. “Said the Dean.

The Accounting Quiz Competition was held with a variety of competitions both from the high school levels in the form of the Accounting Quiz Competition which was attended by 122 participants from all over Indonesia. The Online selection and elimination resulted in  10 inalists, who then competed in Faculty of Economics and Business , Unisma. Likewise, the call for paper event was attended by 78 participants selected online to produce 10 finalists from various Universities in Indonesia. Before the competition began, there was an accounting seminar with the theme of “Sustainability Accounting Profession in The Digital Economic Era 4.0 ″ with guest speaker Dr. Dwiyani Sudaryanti SE, MSi, Akt (Lecturer of  Faculty of Economics and Business, Unisma).

The Accounting Quiz Competition lasts a full day. As a result, the winner for Vocational High School Level Quiz Accounting was won by State The Accounting Quiz Competition 1 Turen as the first winner, The Vocational High School  Pasirian, as the second winner. For the category of Senior High School, Islamic Senior High School 2 Malang placed the first winner. For the category of the Call for paper event, the winners were  a team from Semarang State University, a team from UNISMA, and a team from Merdeka University of Malang.