The Health Office of Malang District  held Emergency First Aid Training (PPGD), which was attended by all Malang District Health Centers, Malang District Hospitals, and the PSC Team from Malang District Health Office. The activity was the Implementation of the Integrated Emergency Management System and the operational readiness of the Public Safety Center (PSC).

In the first batch, Karangploso Health Center sent a team consisting of dr. Bagoes Ario Bimo, the alumni of the 2007 madical department of  Unisma,  and his two nurses to take part in this activity at Aria Gajayana Hotel Malang for three days (8-10 November 2019).

One of the presenters, dr. Ari Prasetyadjati Sp. EM provides material on Integrated Emergency Management System, Life Threatening Arrythmia, and Triage dr. Suryanto Eko A.N., Sp. Em about Emergency Airway and Emergency Breathing as well as the last material delivered by dr. Tommy Kristanto, Sp.EM. about Circulation and Fluid Resuscitation. In addition to delivering material to participants the Instructors Team also trained Skills of  participants including Airway Management & Ventilation, Cardiac Arrest, and Access (intravenous & Intra Oseous).

The training continued with a discussion session where the participants were divided into 4 groups dr. Bagoes Ario Bimo joined  group 3 and was chosen as the Spokesperson to represent the group. Group 3 represented by dr. Ario Bimo’s Bagoes get perfect points compared to other groups. For these results the Instructor Team entrusted dr. Bagoes Ario Bimo and the two nurses he had chosen to lead the Triage and Initial Assessment simulation which were closely watched by other training participants.

Arriving at the end of the event, dr. Suryanto Eko A.N., Sp. Em announced  the results of the written and skill tests and according to the assessment, dr. Bagoes Ario Bimo (Karangploso public health center) was chosen as the best doctor participant.