The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Unisma’s Program held a public lecture with the theme of Optimizing Regional Finance and Innovative Efficient Government Administration by presenting Dr. H. Ali Maskur Musa, M.Si., M.Hum.

According to the dean of the Faculty ofAdministrative Sciences, Dr. Hj. Rini Rahayu Kurniati, M.Si, the selection of this key note speaker was under consideration that Dr. H. Ali Maskur Musa has been popular in this field for a long time.

“Dr. Ali Maskur Musa is a member of the Indonesian Audit Board (BPK) from 2009 to 2014, chairman of the ISNU PPfrom 2012 to2017 and currently also serves as a “lecturer of Faculty of Administrative Sciences at Unisma wih his expertise in regional finances” explained the Faculty of Administrative Sciences​​De dn

According to Dr. Ali Masykur Musa there are some big challenges to create a just and prosperous society, the first is overcoming poverty, increasing productivity, increasing competitiveness, reducing inequality in good governance and institutions that are clean and effective.

“Today, however, inequality between regions is still high, for example in Java where the poverty rate is only 10.1% by contributing to 57.0% of the country’s regional income through GDP in manufacturing, trade and construction industries. The difference is when compared to Kalimantan, which is a region with sources of mining, industry and agriculture but only contributes 5.7% to GDP “explained Dr. Ali

Furthermore, Dr. Ali also said that the relocation of the new capital in Kalimantan could be one way to divide the rich not only in Java but other regions as well.

“This is proven if the obstacles and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are only high in areas with good infrastructure,” he said

Thi agendathat took place at the 7th Graduate Building was attended by around 500 participants, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and the Unisma program students.

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