CDC Provided Prospective Graduates with Online Career Training

Carier Development Center (CDC) of Unisma provided debriefing to prospective alumni. The program is a routine agenda every semester to equip graduates for the knowledge and knowledge of the work market as well as to provide information on job opportunities. It is hoped that all graduates of Unisma will soon be able to immediately work after graduation.

The activity, which was held on Friday (3/7), was immediately fostered by the Unisma CDC career consultant team with some materials including identifying passion, career choices, personal branding, CV and cover letter and job interviews. This activity was carried out in a virtual zoom meeting participated by 473 participants who graduated in 2020.

The Head of Unisma’s Learning and Relevance Educational Development Institute, Dr. Dyah Werdiningsih, M.Pd, said that the career training program by CDC Unisma gave encouraging results. From the data obtained by CDC Unisma, graduates who are absorbed by work market  reach 63 percent before six months of graduation.

“We have tracked and reached 63 percent, and even then from the graduates who have filled in the remaining questionnaires,  we still have not been able to get their contacts,” said Dyah.

She further said that after the debriefing career agenda, the activity continued with the National Virtual Career Fair (NVCF). That is the online job fair that is held the next day as part of the Career Training program. NVCF was officially launched at 09.30 Western Indonesian Times by the Director General of Higher Education, Prof. Ir. Nizam, M.Sc., DIC, Ph.D.

The good news is that in the training and job fairs, there are many companies participating  in that agenda which, at the same time,  provide a great job opportunity. Some companies even said that during the pandemic they opened many job opportunities for prospective employees. Among them are in the fields of pharmacy, manufacturing, and others.

“Hopefully this gives an injection of enthusiasm to the graduates and makes them more optimistic in difficult times like today,” he hoped.