The faculty of engineering lecturer team of Unisma  chaired by Ismi Choirotin, ST., MT., MSc, and her members, Nur Robbi, ST., MT, and Cynthia Permata Dewi ST., MT., MSc, conducted community service activities in Gunungsari village, Bumiaji district, Batu city.

This activity is a realization of the Community Partnership Program (PKM) funded by the Ministry of Research and Technology, Higher Education. The partner of this activity is the Mawar Maju III farmer group of Gunungsari Village, which has main agricultural commodities in the form of cut flowers, especially roses.

According to Ismi, this community service was conducted to see the conditions in which Gunungsari Village residents had to buy clean water from other villages, even though they had a source of water that was suitable for consumption with a large soil water reserve in their own area. This condition occurs because the position of the spring is under the location of settlements and farmers group farms, as well as steep slope conditions.

Initially the villagers used the spring for irrigation and consumption needs by independently installing a hydrant pump. In 2004 the pump was damaged and the community lacked knowledge in the repair process, so they had to buy clean water from Pagar village to meet their clean water needs to date.

“In this service program, we are building a water supply facility in the form of a hydrant pump, piping with a height of 30 meters and a 120-meter long track, construction of a water reservoir with a capacity of 17500 liters and the most important thing is providing counseling and training to the community on operation and maintenance of these facilities, “added Nur Robbi.