University of Islam  Malang (Unisma) again won a competitive grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture. This time, the grant is to implement the Independent Campus curriculum collaboration which involves four study programs namely English Language Education, Mathematics Education, Law Science and Civil Engineering. The contract value is totally Rp. 240 million or Rp. 60 million each study program.

Vice rector 1 for Academic Affairs of Unisma, Prof. Drs. H. Junaidi, M.Pd., Ph.D, said that the grant funds were used to implement the Freedom Learning or independent Campus policies. In this policy, students are given the right to study outside their study program.

You can study on your own campus or on other campuses, even abroad with the cumulative number of credits up to 60 credits.

“In the study program,  we provide 20 credits; the rest are taken outside the study program whic can  be up to two semesters, “he said.

The grant funds are directed to reconstruct the curriculum to suit the policies of the Independent Campus or Independent Learning. The goal is to accommodate student rights. “The concept of the new curriculum must be completed by this December,” he added.

The vice rector 1 of Unisma added that the Independent learning curriculum grants are obtained by only a few study programs. But the positive impact must be felt by other study programs.

“For example, when conducting  a seminar or workshop held by the grant-winning study program, we invite all study programs so that they get more benefits, “he explained.

Not only did Unisma get this grant, the previous Ministry of Education and Culture also poured out grant funds for the success of the Independen Campus program. Among others is  a center of excellence grant. This commonly called Independent Campus assistance program is intended for 1 university one proposal. At that time, Unisma managed to get it with a proposal from the Language and Literature Study Program.

Furthermore, there is an international credit transfer grant given to students to take courses abroad. The stipulation is that one university sends seven proposals.

And again Unisma won the grant.; even for seven proposals at once. This grant for seven students is equalized for 30 students. And they are currently preparing to study online at Moscow City University, Russia.