Students of the 2016 Indonesian Language department  successfully held the 2020 Unisma Coffee Festival in the front yard of  Unisma, Wednesday (1/8). Not only can  visitors enjoy coffee brewing, various events also enliven the 2020 Coffee Festival including, Barista Competition, Coffee Talk, Music Performance, Coffee Stand, and “Coffee Enchantment” Photography Contest.

The event was a fulfillment of the final assignment of protocol courses that were taught by Dr. Ari Ambarwati and Helmi Wicaksono, M.Pd. The executive committee came from  7th semester of Indonesian Language department of classes A and C with full support from the Agriculture Office of Malang City.

Meanwhile, the selection of the theme “The Other Side of Coffee” aims to introduce the richness of coffee in addition to being enjoyed by steeping. Ahmad Rizal, as the event coordinator, explained that coffee has many facets that can be explored further.

Among them can be used as masks, perfumes, as soil fertility, and various other benefits that visitors can explore through coffee talk shows.

The talkshow was moderated by lecturer of  protocol course, Dr. Ari Ambarwati. Three speakers namely Rachamnia, owner of 7watt coffe choco n tea, Siwi Yunita, a Kompas reporter and Kompas Nusantara Coffee Expedition Team and Pandu Prabowo

Pandu discusses the topic of examining the secrets of Arabica coffee on the slopes of Arjuna, hoping that coffee in Malang area can be better known to the world. He also hopes that coffee lovers will be healthy if it is well processed. “Drink healthy and well-processed coffee namey ground coffee,” said Pandu.

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