4,568 new students of the University of Islam Malang took part in the Campus Life Orientation (Oshika Maba) at Unisma’s  Al Asy’ari Building (2/9). The chief of Indonesian Armed Forces V Brawijaya, Major General Wisnoe PB, raised  the issue on the Development of the National Mental Revolution Movement for Millennials in the Revolutionary Era 4.0, Unisma freshmen were also invited by the Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa,to explore material on how to become a superior generation in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0.

“I relatively often visit this campus and am always surprised because there are sustained and sigificant  developments in this campus. The leaping processes show  that Unisma is able to adapt to various dynamics of development in Indonesia and the world,” she said

In addition to delivering her addreses to Unisma’s freshmen, Khofifah also entered into aMoU with Unisma. The scope of cooperation is about the participation of Unisma in developing human resources in East Java especially in the development of Special Economic Zones in Singosari district.

“I hope Singosari’s Special Economic Zones and Unisma will become anintegral  part to realize digital economy whose cluster is digital IT and the tourism cluster,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Unisma’s rector, Prof. Dr. Maskuri Msi,welcomed this warmly. He said he was ready to develop SingosariSpecial Economic Zones. “Because Singosari Special Economic Zones will be side by side with campus 2 Unisma, we are also ready to participate in improving the quality of human resources in East Java,” he said.