University of Islam Malang (Unisma) officially implements the “Friday in sarong” program, Friday (29/8). The launch of the ” Friday in sarong” program aims to show the unique side of Unisma compared to other campuses.

“This new uniform system will continue to be implemented every Friday, so it’s not just this Friday” said the rector of Unisma during a press conference at the Unisma Rectorate Building, Friday (29/8).

The rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si said that the establishment of the largest NU campus in Indonesia was because of the struggles of kyai (Islamic scholars) and intellectuals who learned a lot from Islamic boarding schools (pesantren). The tradition of wearing sarong which is identical to the pesantren must be maintained and must be practiced in our life.

“Even though we are familiar with information technology, we must maintain good things while also taking better things,” he explained.

On the other hand, Prof. Maskuri emphasized that the presence of the “Friday in sarong” program was also inspired by the big universities in the Middle East. Some of them are Al-Azhar University, UMM Al-Qura University and other Islamic campuses.

In the implementation of the ” Friday in sarong” program, the academic community is required to wear a sarong and skullcap (for men) every Friday. In addition, they are also asked to wear slop shoes, koko (praying dress code) shirts and suits (staff and lecturers).

Unisma rector added that the dean of each faculty is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the ” Friday in sarong ” program in his faculty. If there is an academic community who does not implement it the person concerned will be gently reprimanded. There are no sanctions whatsoever except for embarrassment due to the reprimand received by the academic community.

With this new program, Prof. Maskuri hopes that the religious nuances of Unisma will be stronger. Symbols such as  sarong can confirm Unisma as an Islamic campus reflected or ebedded in  the curriculum and elements of the Islamic spirit.