Students of the Faculty of Engineering made an achievement again. This time, the team succeeded in surpassing 28 state and private universities throughout Indonesia. They won national scientific debate conteston  Engineering Innovation. Unisma’s rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri M.Si, appreciated this national level achievement. Unisma as the top Nahdlatul Ulama College has always tried to carry the atmosphere of competition, not only lecturers who are able to compete, but also students can develop themselves by competing abroad.

Prof. Maskuri also stated, “The entire Unisma academicians should not feel inferior. We are ready to compete with anyone either with state or overseas universities. This sense of confidence is now enveloping the atmosphere of this campus, “he said.

Creative House is a venue for Unisma academicians who have innovative and creative ideas and we funded 10 to 12 millions to an approved proposal. The rector also hoped that the Research and Development of the students could be collaborated with the other faculties and disciplines.

Vice Dean III of Faculty of Engineering, Unisma, Ir. Hj Unung Lesmana MT, said that this debate contest took the theme of the Role of Resilient Engineers in Nation Building in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 which was held in the Engineering Innovation Contest event. In this event there was also an Engineering Conference held throughout Indonesia, including a scientific debate contest and poster design which took place at University of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), from 24 to 29 July.

The three students of Faculty of Engineering, Unisma who won the engineering debate were La Abdul Jalil Kasmin, Trays Arganta, and Diko Mubarokah Dwikorah. They affirmed that the key to success when presenting a solution to the problem of the role of engineer in development in the Industrial Revolution era 4.0 was by implementing Iwira Lit.  which includes frequently doing good deeds, promoted entrepreneurship,  and literacy.

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