Civil Engineering Students Wonthe Bridge Construction Contest

Unisma Civil Engineering students re- accomplished an outstanding achievement. They won the 1st place and 2nd placesin  Balsa Bridge National Contest. Not only that, campus radio also won other prestigious competitions. The rector  of Universitas Islam Malang (Unisma) Prof. Dr. H. MasykuriM.Siexpressed his happiness and said that this was a wonderful surprise in the end of the year. “This is a surprise when Unisma Civil Engineering students can conquer the national event. Next time, they are expected to be able to participatein international level. The rector is ready to allocate 500 million rupiahs to improve student creativity, “he said. Accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Unisma, HjIrUnungLesmana MT and students’ advisors, the rector of Unisma further said that the 500 million fund would later be allocated for  Ceative Houses for students. “We will raise the fund again up to 1 billion rupiahs if later students can submit proposals whose writing  guidelineshave been prepared and evaluated by vice rector III. I hope that in this March 2019, the program will be presented, “said Prof. Masykuri. Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the team who won the bridge construction, Reza DwiCahyo, revealed that the bridge construction competition from Balsa wood was held at Sultan AgengTirtayasaUniversity, CilegonBanten which was participated by 34 teams from various well-known public and private universities in Indonesia. “Before the contest, we had made 24 bridge construction experiments. Each trial usually has 4 to 5 bridge designs. Alhamdulillah, (all praise be to Allah), the last bridge  we designed was fulfilling the criteria which weighed only 30 grams and was able to bear loads  up to 83.1 kilograms, “Reza said.