The prospective teachers of Unisma students are equipped with the knowledge and insight to face the industrial era 4.0 by two education experts from Malaysia, Saturday (2/11).

Those experts are, Dr. Aslam Khan Bin Smashs Khan,Vice Chairman of ERICAN Education Group,  and Dr. FazlinaBinti Said, MA, the Head of Language and Literature Section Curriculum Development, Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Unisma’s Vice rector I, Prof. Drs. H. Junaidi, M.Pd., Ph.D, said that the activity was carried out to enable the prospective teachers to adjust themselves in facing the development of the era that has now entered the industrial era 4.0.

“Education at this time cannot be separated from technological advances, because education optimizes technological progress,” concluded Prof. Junaidi, on the sidelines of the guest lecture moment with the theme Learning in the Era of Education 4.0 Challenges for Future Teachers.

This time Unisma deliberately presented international education experts, with the aim that prospective teacher students could understand the conditions of educational development in other countries which tended to be better or better equipped to face the industrial era 4.0.

One of the guest lecturers, Dr. Aslam Khan Bin Smashs Khan,   is also an education expert who was directly appointed by the United Nations (UN) to develop education in Afghanistan.

“Education 4.0 is not just education from computers or technology, but how the education system can adjust to the needs of technological development,” he told the guest lecture participants consisting of students from the Faculty of  Teacher Training  and Education (FKIP) and the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) in the Hall KH. Abdurrahman Wahid, Unisma.