Unisma Students Won 1st Place and Favorite Champion of Ambassador of Culture and Malang City Museum

His love for culture grew from childhood. Bagas Setyo Anggoro supported by a family environment that also loves the culture of the archipelago makes him familiar with the various types of art and culture of the archipelago. He also often takes part in art competitions since attending elementary school. Several times he even participated in puppeteer competitions and reaped achievements.

His love for the culture of the archipelago led Bagas, a student of Unisma, enthusiaically participated in  the audition of the Ambassador of culture and Malang City Museum. He not only passed the audition, but he also successfully won first place. The title of Ambassador of Culture and Museum in Malang was pinned to him after the grand final on Thursday (6/18).

“Thank God, this is a surprise for me, because the rivals are great. I also thank for the support of family, lecturers and friends, “he said.

Bagas is student who is active in various events especially those related to ambassador events. Some time ago, he also participated in the selection of best faculty youth. And last year, Bagas who is also the student of the Teaching and Education Faculty was granted as  the Champion of the Youth Ambassador of Malang Regency.

The expression of gratitude was also conveyed by the favorite champion of Culture and Museum Ambassador who was also won by Unisma student, Muhammad Fachris. He was grateful for the opportunity to take part in  audition for the ambassador of Cultural and the Malang City Museum. “While we are still young, we have to maximize the available opportunities. If it’s for our goodness, why not,” said the student of the Faculty of Law, Unisma.

According to him, the existence of cultural and city museums ambassadors must be a mediator for the preservation of culture and the development of the museum. “Because it is our asset, we need to preserve it. Cultural ambassadors will carry out their functions according to the trust of the people and government,” he said.