Unisma once again broke the MURI record for its role as the initiator and organizer of video uploads with the title “Unisma for Peace in Indonesia and the World” by the academics with the most views, likes, subscriptions, downloads, and shares.

The representative from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI), Sri Widayati, said that this was a means of recording history.

“This is not the first time that Unisma has made a record because there have been 6 other records and this is the 7th for Unisma,” Sri Widayati said.

Furthermore, the representative of MURI explained that Unisma has managed to achieve 15,899 views, 3815 likes, 18272 shares, 4568 downloads and 6000 subscribe.

The rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri M.Si, was proud and pleased with this achievement and said that Unisma has made achievement records since 2014.

” This MURI record is  a present  for  Unisma foundation and as a proof of the greatness of the Unisma foundation,” the rector said

Prof. Maskuri also added, at the age of 38, Unisma has managed to carve out new histories. “We believe that if it is not unique, it might not be recorded in the Indonesian MURI records,” he said.

In his address, the secretary of Unisma Foundation Board, Dr. Mohtar Data, M.Pd, expressed his pride for the seventh record achieved by Unisma. “This is also a pride for Unisma students, proving that Unisma has good achievements and will continue to excel,” he added.

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