A total of 132 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) assisted by the Malang Regency Government received entrepreneurship training assistance in facing new competition in the digital era.

The Malang Regency Government collaborates with Unisma to provide a workshop as a form of joint effort to encourage economic recovery since being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This collaboration is realized through an activity entitled Workshop on Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of Malang Regency, at Ustman Mansyur hall of  Unisma on Sunday (20/9/2020).

In this training, they received various technical materials for marketing MSMEs products through digital platforms, management, human resource development, and product quality improvement.

Interestingly, the Malang Regent, Sanusi, promised to be ready to pour fresh funds into capital for these business actors.

” We support everything as long as it is related to community economic empowerment. It will be fully facilitated  starting from skills, mentoring, capital credit, licensing regulations, production permits, to certification. We can facilitate everything and even for free, ” he promised.

In addition, his party has also initiated the online market, where all business actors can use the portal as another alternative in selling their products.

“With the hope of expanding product marketing, consumers can also shop more easily without having to leave the house,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Unisma rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si, warmly welcomed the collaboration built by the Malang Regency Government and opened wide opportunities for business actors to cooperate with Unisma.

“We are open to anyone to establish cooperation, especially groups of entrepreneurs. I hope that the existence of Unisma can provide benefits for the welfare of society through science and technology,” he hoped.

This workshop is also an exhibition event for the 132 MSMEs  business actors. There are many quite unique and interesting creations of residents such as in food, drinks, jewelry, handicrafts, and much more.