The Unisma’s choir succeeded in bringing home two gold medals in the 2019 International Choir Festival which took place on 3-7 September 2019 at SPK Penabur KelapaGading Jakarta.

One representative of Unisma’s choir of Bunga Almamater Unisma, MaliaAnjani, said that the team  consist of 40 participants, 4 officials and 1 trainer.

“A pride in 2019, we managed to bring home two Gold Medal Second Places, Mixed Youth Choir and Folklore Categories,” said malia

Unisma Vice Rector 3, Dr. H. Badat Muwakhid, MP, asserted that that Unisma’s choir of Bunga Almamater is a student activity unit with great members because it has championed in various events both at national and international levels.

Regarding rewards, Dr. Badat Muwakhid explained that the university already had its standards and had even been stated in a decree of the rector

“The 1st international champion group will get a reward equivalent to four time  free tution fee and coaching money worth 1,500,000 x 4 for one event. Because Unisma’s choir ‘Bunga Almamater’ succeeded in bringing home two gold medals, the reward was multiplied by two equivalent to eight time free tuition fees  and coaching money of 12 million; thus the total amount  reached 40 million, “he concluded.