Alumni Unisma Malang


The Rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H Maskuri Msi, awarded a number of alumni in the commemoration of National Education Day on Thursday (05/02/2019). One of them was Khoirun Alvin Nadhir,the  initiator of the Desa Inggris or English village in Randuangung Village, Singosari District, Malang Regency. He was an alumnus of the Faculty of Engineering Unisma in 2000. The  initial condition reveals that he was not very smart and did not like English, but later such condition encouraged him to speak English.

“At first, I gathered the alumni from Desa Inggris in Pare when they were ‘neglected’. I give them a shelter, meal and I asked them to teach with no salary, “he explained.

“With no salary, many tutors resigned within one year. Of the 10 tutors, one tutor, a college student,  survived” (7/5/2019). Even though the business was still running, it was stumbling    because it only focused on empowering the human resource for free, so they decided to charge students with affordable price.

“Some can afford 10,000 rupiahs per month, while others pay 5,000  rupiahs a month,” he said. In the first year, there were three schools asking them to design an English program. I emphasize that learning English can be done in their school instead of going to Pare. The school can create  English environment, “he said.

It is different from Pare where the English environment has been created. The first school was MA Al Maarif in Singosari in which 10th grade students are required to join the English program. He run the program under the Yayasan Indocita (Indocita Foundation)

It has been 11 years now and there have been around 27,000 people studying  English in their institution. He advised the students not only to use their time for college. However, they also needed to go outside to expand their network or be active in the community. Furthermore, he said that they can develop their career from any paths including from their from a hobby.