Proud, that’s what was revealed in the inauguration of Teacher Professional Education (PPG) of Unisma’s Teacher Training and Education Programs. Pride is not only felt by the participants who can graduate and complete the program but also by the leaders of Unisma, who can carry out the mandate of the government to help improve the quality of prospective teachers in Indonesia.

Unisma’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Maskuri, M.Si,  in his speech said that he was proud of this achievement. “Hopefully the knowledge gained can upgrade their ability to compete at the national level, especially to improve the quality of human resources,” said Prof. Maskuri.

He also advised the graduates of the PPG program to be proud of being Unisma alumni because Unisma, one ofNahdlatul Ulama based universities (PTNU), is already worldwide. Prof. Maskuri also advised that being tenacious and persistent is the key to the current era of competition.

“The way you value others is the key to winning the competition. Respect others, be resilient and  earnest”he suggested.

“Being critical, creative, productive, able to communicate well, and building a strong network are the key to success” said Prof. Maskuri

Similarly, Dean of faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) of Unisma, Dr. HasanBusri. M.Pd, asserted that FKIP has succeeded in delivering a prestigious program namely teacher professional education.

“I always keep abreast of developments, respond to any complaints. We are responsible, not just for making certificates but the most important thing is to carry the name of Unisma. We always work professionally and intelligently to deliver participants’ success, “he stressed.