Faculty of Islamic Studies of University of Islam Malang (Unisma) held a talkshow with alumni at the Utsman bin Affan building on the 7th floor (11/1). This activity was held to commemorate the 57th Anniversary of Unisma.

The talkshow that carries the theme of “Student Potential Development in Era 4.0” invited Unisma rector Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si and Prof. Dr. Hj. Zumrotul Mukaffa, M.Ag (Alumni ofFaculty of Islamic Studies,  Unisma).

The dean of Faculty of Islamic Studies, Drs. H. Anwar Sa’dullah, M.PdI, in his remarks said that synergy with alumni really needs to be done, not only as a forum for hospitality but also for sharing knowledge or talkshows of this kind.

Unisma rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si,  in this seminar with alumni said that life is a work, suggesting that human must provide benefits to others. The developmental sequence  of the students’ potential starts from the first to the fourth industry and is closely related  to the industrial revolution.

“Education today is not only  centered on  lecture system in the era of innovation. If we cannot develop and cannot keep up with the current information era, then  what will be done to answer the challenges of this era,” said the rector.

On the basis of both research and collaboration, innovative learning methods should be  given space to express creativity for expression.

“At Unisma there is now a creative House to express students’ ideas that are out of the box. “Not only is it a forum, but funds are also available to develop students’ ideas” he explained

Furthermore, the rector  of Unisma Malang also added that there are four strategic elements that can add to the outcome of innovation, including creative thoughts, creativity, ways of communicating and collaboration

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