Unisma launched 3 books at once in commemoration of Islamic students Day on Thursday (22/10/2020). The three books are books by KH. Oesman Mansur entitled Islam and Religious Freedom, a book about KH. M. Tholchah Hasan entitled The Inspirator, as well as the Action of  Unisma as Pionesr of Anti Radicalism Campus.

“As part of NU, which always echoes Islam Nusantara, the publication of the book the Action of  Unisma as Pioneer of Anti Radicalism Campus is the evidence that Unisma has a movement and becomes a pioneer of anti-radicalism which also supports the Republic of Indonesia in maintaining unity,” said Unisma rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si.

The rector of Unisma also said that his party also inaugurated the central library, which comprises the NU Corner some time ago. This is solely to encourage the entire academic community to develop creativity, innovation, and positive energy, so as to deliver progress and peace through various fields of education both economics, politics, animal husbandry, technology, religion and so on.

“Happy islamic students day, happy day of kiai struggle, because the kiai played a major role in Indonesia’s independence. Hopefully through this Islamic students Day it can provide a new spirit for the community. The students are also more open to anyone especially the Republic of Indonesia in it, unity in diversity, multiculture and pruralism, “he added.

Meanwhile, the speaker, KH. D. Zawawi Imron, through a national lecture entitled “Breaking the Boundary Guarding the Republic of Indonesia as a Shared Home” explained, in the word Unisma, there is another meaning when read backwards namely Amsinu which means I am a NU Islamic students student of Indonesian.

“Why is it not getting worse when reversed but even better. It means if something is good substantially it will remain good. I’m sure the one who made did not think of this,” he said laughing.

Zawawi Imron also hopes that the students will instill mutual respect especially to the elders, have a noble character, and pursue the best possible education according to religion.

“As a student should we behave as if we are able to do something (rumongso iso) or we understand others (iso rumongso) If you behave rumongso iso, you will be a student who feels smarter than a lecturer. But if you are a student who is iso rumongso, you will respect the lecturer, and the lecturer will pray for you so that your knowledge will be blessed and guide you to be a figure who is useful and beneficial to many people, “he concluded.