Unisma is ranked 44 out of 4670 Indonesian state and private universities based on decision of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

This university, the leading Nahdlatul Ulama university, has managed to outperform 49 state universities and is in first place among the Nahdlatul Ulama Universities throughout Indonesia.

Unisma Rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si, said that Unisma’s great achievements this year could not be separated from improvements from various sectors among other things: the management, student affairs, research and community service as well as the cooperation built at home country and abroad including innovations from various programs that we do,” he said.

Being a campus with a very significant increase in the national level rank, Prof. Maskuri explained that there are several aspects of assessment that become the standard in the assessment in terms of input, outcome, and output.

The aspects of assesment include lecturers with doctoral education, the number of students, the number of lecturers, indexed scientific articles, the number of accredited study programs, the number of citations of lecturers, graduates, and community service.

“These achievements have led Unisma to enter the top 50 Indonesian private and state unversities” said Prof. Maskuri.

The Rector of Unisma also added that Unisma’s strategy in the past year was to accelerate the functional positions of lecturers, accreditation, the number of doctors, the ratio of lecturers to students, research and community service and student achievement.

“We provide Rp 3.5 billion for research and lecturer service to the community. Book writing is also allocated Rp 2.5 billion. That is to encourage lecturers to improve their functional positions, “he added.

Unisma is currently preparing international accreditation for 7 study programs, including management, accounting, law, state administration, agro-technology, agribusiness and animal husbandry.

“This is an endeavor that we will continuously drive so that Unisma will be better and more advanced,” he said.