Increasingly tight competition in the world market forces universities to make various efforts to face these challenges. To equip students, the Career Development Center (CDC) of the Institute for Learning Development and Educational Relevance (LP2RP) of Unisma invited  Career Coach from Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Nurhadi Irbath, Saturday (5/10).

Hundreds of Unisma students who were present were initially bombarded with a number of online questionnaires by Nurhadi. Starting from the target time to finish studying at Unisma, plans to be carried out after graduation, career dreams, to the main targets to be achieved in their life.

“I want to give a description on the tendencies of students at Unisma this questionnaire. Because the basic thing to start a good career is how we recognize ourselves,” he explained to Unisma students who took part in Career Days in the 7th Floor of the Unisma Graduate Building.

According to him, recognizing oneself is a thing that must be done by students as early as possible. They have to set their direction of the actual career before they complete their study.

Meanwhile, Unisma’s Vice rector 3 for Student Affairs, Dr. Ir. Badat Muwakhid, MP, said that through Career Days like this, they hope to be able to actualize themselves in the midst of society. He further hopes that  the knowledge that they have obtained at university gives benefits to the surrounding community.

Head of Unisma’  Institute for Learning Development and Educational Relevance (LP2RP), Dr. Dyah Werdiningsih, M.Pd, said that the series of Unisma’s Career Days Unisma activities will at least be carried out until mid October, consisting of career coaching, KBMI business plan, workshop, internship preparation, soft skills for job creator & job seeker,  and recruitment campus.