Even in the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bunga Almamater Student Choir  of Unisma still make great achievements. Most recently, two silver medals were won at the 2nd World Virtual Choir Festival held by the Bandung Choral Society earlier this December.

In addition, they also won the first contender in the 2020 Peksiminas competition which was held by the National Achievement Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia at the end of November.

The general chairperson of the 2020 Unisma’s Bunga Almamater student choir, Maulana Wildan Naufal, said that the two competitions were held online. For the 2nd World Virtual Choir Festival competition in Bandung, the level is international because it is participated by  participants from abroad. Meanwhile, the event held by the Ministry is at the national level. “In Bandung we have to compete with participants from abroad as well,” said this seventh semester student.

According to him, the competition in Bandung have a longer preparation than that in the ministry because his team prepared about 3 months before the event. ” We prepared in short time for the competition held by Ministry of Education and Culture. We only registered it on the last day of registration, ”he explained.

Due to short preparation our  team did not think that we could win the first contender in Peksiminas. Moreover, this was their first time participating in this activity. “Alhamdulillah, (thank God)  we got the first contender” he explained.

In the future, his team will continue to improve this achievement. In addition, he also hopes that the pandemic will end soon “so that we can participate in the competitions more optimally “he said.