The rector of University of Islam  Malang (Unisma), Prof. Dr. Maskuri, M.Si, emphasized that students must be alert to the dangers of exposure to radicalism. This was conveyed to the thousands of students who attended the national seminar on radicalism which was also attended by Detachment 88 AT of Republic of Indonesia Police, Dr. Hoiruddin Hasibuan, S.H, M.Hum, and UIN Malang graduate director, Prof. Dr. Umi Sumbulah, M.Ag, Wednesday (6/11).

“Students must be alert  to the danger of radicalism exposures, so students must be the front guard to protect the unitary of Republic of Indonesia from disunity,” said the rector of Unisma.

According to him, students actually play an important role related to keeping the  balance of the nation and state as reflected on the transition period of reform that was driven by students, so as to be able to mobilize all elements of society and overthrow the New Order government. Even later, students throughout Indonesia also held a similar action that could again mobilize various elements of society.

While the AT Police Detachment 88 Team, Dr. Hoiruddin Hasibuan, S.H, M.Hum, explained that radicalism is a concept that permits violence in achieving their goals. While terrorism is a form of action of this understanding. According to him, so far there have been many cases of spreading of radicalism among students including in a number of campuses located in Malang.

While the director of the graduate program of UIN Malang, Prof. Dr. Umi Sumbulah, M. Ag.,  said that the understanding of radicalism in universities in Malang still exists especially in campus mosques. This effort is usually camouflagedin discussions  of certain books. “I often join such activities for my research. These networks are really real and are on our campus,” She explained.

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