The Central Statistics Agency (CSA) of Malang city promotes the 2020 population census to the Unisma academic community. Drs. Sunaryo, M.Si, the head of (CSA) of Malang, said that students are agents of change and agents of the nation’s future, and therefore their role is considered important in recording history for the future. (11/28)

“This afternoon is proof that we will record history together in the socialization road show. We will also choose tertiary institutions. Starting in 2020, a combination census will be conducted and we want to invite students to record the nation’s history by carrying out the 2020 population census,” said the head of Malang city.

In this digital era, CSA presents a new census method, which is a combination census. If previously the census was only carried out in a conventional way, namely attending all residents’ homes, this time the combination method has been present using registration data relevant to the census. Then, the data will be supplemented by survey samples.

After the implementation of this new method, the head of CSA in Malang targeted that the filling of the population census had already relied on the registration method based on online, so that the census method would be carried out solely by residents through the online system.

“Because it has been filled out online, in the next census there is no need to record data from house to house. In July 2020, CSA will re-verify the data, re-verify to reality in the field, and finally the enumeration in order to increase the accuracy of the data with the latest information” he added.

Vice rector 3, Dr. Ir. H. Badat Muwakhid, MP, in his remarks which at the same time officially opened this event, expressed his full support for the event.

“Students as the scientific community must support if there are activities like this, because the benefits can be taken as a support for decision making in various sectors and also as a reference for development in the community” said vice rector  3.

Before concluding his remarks vice rector 3 reminded that students were agents of change. “As good citizens, let’s support the 2020 population census,” he concluded.