Inviting Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia and Delegates from 12 Countries
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The celebration of the 38th aniversary of Unisma  was held at Gedung Bundar Al-Ashari on Thursday (3/28/2019). The event which begins with the reciting of holy quran and istighosah was attended by the board of Unisma foundation, rector, deans, head of bureau, head of units, lecturers, Unisma staff, and distinguished guests namely overseas and Indonesian university rectors.

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. H. Mohamad Nasir, Ph.D., Ak, was also present at the event. He delivered a speech and cut the top of Tumpeng (cone-shaped-rice) on stage with all delegates from 12 countries who attended the ceremony.

What is special from Unisma which has the slogan from NU for Indonesia and World Civilization is that the atmosphere for accelerating infrastructure is very visible such as the construction of a 5-storey basic laboratory, the development of a 3-storey library, a 3-story business center, renovation of the Ainul Yaqin mosque, construction of several lecture rooms and offices for an integrated laboratory / green house on 1 hectare land.

In addition to physical buildings, to support the implementation of research university, this university allocated  14.3 billion rupiahs for construction of laboratories for all faculties and study programs.

At the 38th Anniversary, Unisma initiated a meeting with campuses from all over Indonesia and overseas. Unisma wants to prepare the quality of education in order to be able to compete at global level.