Dr. Nour Athiroh Abdoes Sjakoer, S.Si., M.Kes, a research lecturer who is also the chair of the Institute for Research and Community of University of Islam Malang (Unisma) invented the benefits of parasite leaf tea. It turns out that there are special ingredients in the mango parasite leaf tea that she has researched, one of which is that it can increase the body’s immunity. The results of this study received high appreciation from the President Director of Islamic hospital of Unisma (RSI UNISMA); even in the future these findings will be prescribed for hypertensive patients.

This was conveyed by Nour Athiroh during a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) which was held on the 7th floor meeting room of Islamic hospital of Unisma on Saturday (17/10). This FGD examines the research findings of the Higher Education Leading Applied Research Program Scheme entitled “The Combination of Parasite Leaf Herbs as a Preparation of Phytopharmaca Products, an Alternative Candidate for Traditional Indonesian Natural Antihypertensives”.

“This series of research fully received a grant from Directorate of research and Community service/ Institute of Research and National Innovation. This research requires a very long process which has been through the process of testing many times, one of which is in mice and now it is the time to do downstream research on dipped mango parasite products, “said Nour Athiroh.

The FGD is a venue to present the results of research by Nour Athiroh and her team, with the hope that it will receive input from doctors and Griya Jamu Siti Ara Batu as producer partner which in the future will make these findings a supplement for hypertensive patients.

On the same occasion, the director of RSI UNISMA, dr. Tri Wahyu Sarwiyata, M.Kes, appreciated the results of this research. This is in line with this Islamic hospital’s mission which is developing the herbal medicine in collaboration with the Tawangmangu Traditional Medicinal Plant Research Institute.

“I hope this mango tea parasite can act as a supplement to prevent and cure various diseases,” said Tri Wahyu.