Improving Faith and Health, Medical Faculty of Unisma Invited NU General Chief of New Zealand


To improve piety and understanding of health, the Faculty of Medicine (FK) of Unisma invited general chief of NU New Zealand. This virtually packed event was enthusiastically attended by 350 participants. It is hoped that with this event participants can maintain their physical and mental condition in the midst of a pandemic.

The Dean of medical faculty of Unisma, dr. Rahma Triliana, M. Kes., P.hD, when opening Mbalah Aswaja event through the Zoom Meeting, said that as a rahmatan lil’alamin campus, Unisma strives to maintain and establish relationships with people with diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs. It all impacts on all of our concerns to maintain joint health.

“Then it is necessary to gain knowledge which is related to worship and halal food from general chief of NU in New Zealand and Australia. Thus, it can increase devotion and improve health amid the Covid 19 pandemic, “said dr. Rahma.

Furthermore, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine also said that this virtual study is trying to explore Islam, public health, and health services. These three things are combined and matched, and the meeting point is sought.

Meanwhile, Gus Nadzirsyah Hosen, as the first speaker, discussed the terminology of sehat wal afiat (hale and hearty)  and said that being healthy in the perspective  of the ulama was a body condition that did not experience any health problems at all. However, he added that the term hearty itself is more than that, that is in addition to being healthy, the prime condition is also intended for obedience to Allah Subhana Wat Ta’ala.

“So the meaning of hale and hearty are a perfect condition, where the body does not lack any. Also using that health is  to seek only the willing of Allah “she said.

In Mbalah Aswaja, Gus Nadzir also explores the story of the Prophet Moses, which he quoted from Ar-Rozi. In this narration the Prophet complained of abdominal pain to Allah. Allah, then, ordered the Prophet to take a leaf from a tree. Shortly the Prophet Moses got recovered because of Allah’s permission.

After a time, he continued, the Prophet Moses experienced the same pain. But this time he went straight to the same tree, and chewed the leaves. But this time the disease was getting worse.

“The Prophet Moses then complained to Allah. Allah Subhana Wat Ta’ala then said, everything in this world is poison except for something called on behalf of my name. So the permission and willing of Allah must be sought first, not a medicine that is not necessarily able to cure” he concluded.