In order to develop the institutional and academic quality, Unisma  invited Prof. Dr. H. Nasarudin Umar, MA who is also the great imam of the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta to give a guest lecture at the Unisma Graduate Program on Multicultural Islam Education.

The director of Unisma Graduate Program, Prof. Mas’ud Said, said that Unisma’s doctoral program of multicultural Islam eductaion is the only doctoral program in East Java as well as in Indonesia which is actively developing multicultural spirit and creating laboratories or multicultural study centers.

“Certainly,  the presence of Prof. KH Nasaruddin Umar has a high urgency for the Nahdliyin’s top university since  he is a NU figure who can explain various basic aspects about Aswaja in a modern context, “said Prof. Mas’ud, Wednesday (01/15/2020).

On the occasion, Prof. Dr. H. Nasarudin Umar, MA discussed multiculturalism. According to him, diversity is an inevitability because the God created human beings in various ethnicities and nationalities.

According to him, it is very possible if the God wants to make all human the same but the God has created them in different ethnicities and religions to get to know one and others. So if there is a moslem who does not want to accept other human beings socially by saying that he is the rightest one, this is againts the inevitability, a Sunnatullah

“The essence of multiculturalism is an open attitude towards differences while maintaining the faith and religion – Lakum Diinukum Waliyadiin, “he said.

Multiculturalism is also an acknowledgment that other people have the right to live and have the same public rights in social and Indonesian  contexts even in socioeconomic life.

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