Grants for Unisma

Muamalat Bank, an Islamic  bank,  gives a car and 900 smart cards as grants to Universitas Islam Malang (Unisma). This grant is the result of cooperation between the two parties who support each other. According to the rector of Universitas Islam Malang (Unisma) Prof. Dr. H. Masykuri Bakrie M.Si, the handover of the Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR) from Muamalat Bank is the reflection of Unismaclose relationship with one of this leading Islamic banks. “We are indeed committed to shifting to sharia financial institutions as currently 70% of Unisma funds have been transferred to all Islamic banks, Alhamdulillah. Among them is Muamalat Bank. These  allare for the sake of the people, “he said. Through this grant, Unisma received a unit of sound system and 900 Smart Cards for all residents of the Unisma student boarding (Rusunawa), as well as one newest Kijang Innova. The handover of CSR was carried out directly by Regional Head of East Java- Bali, Nusra Aufrieda Artsiana Dewi, who was accepted  by the rector of Unisma, on Tuesday (16/01/1919) in the meeting room of the fourth floor of the Unisma rectorate building. “This is also a laboratory for the Faculty of animal husbandry, which is also an embryo of the development of the Unisma foundation business,” said Prof. Masykuri. This grant vehicle from Muamalat Bank will  be used as an official car for the vice rector 4 whose offices and other facilities have also been prepared for this new position.”Unisma will appoint the vice rector 4 to increase the pace of development of this university, even  to make it  stronger,” added Prof. Masykuri.