University of Islam Malang (Unisma) is the only private university given  the trust to socialize CETTAR application in East Java. This is the complaint service application managed by the Office of Communication and Information, East Java.

This was conveyed by Unisma’s vice Rector 4, Dr. Ir Hj Istirochah Pujiwati MP, who is in charge of Institutional, Publication, and Information Technology affairs. CETTAR is under motto: effective, Care,  Transparent, Accountable and Responsive.  This application is  made by the East Java Communication and Information Agency. Two universities, one state  and one private  universities, were appointed to socialize this application,

“Unisma is the only private university in East Java which is mandated to socialize this complaint application, “said vice rector 4, Monday (04/11).

The reason is that almost 80% of Unisma students are East Java residents. Students as agent of change who oversee positive changes through the application of public services should disseminate this application. CETTAR  was deliberately made to facilitate the public to submit complaints to regional government organizations.

On the same occasion, the Head of Information Application of the East Java Provincial Office of Communication and Information Services, Dra Economi Nirmala Dewi MM, said that the CETTAR application also answers public complaints according to the type of complaints and duties and functions of each regional apparatus.

Subsequently an evaluation of complaint management is conducted periodically, covering the number and type of complaints received as well as the resolution of complaints, and reporting on the implementation of duties to the governor of East Java.

“This application has been equipped with technical instructions for using the application as well as a community complaint column that can be directly responded by each regional apparatus,” said Nirmala Dewi.