University of Islam Malang (Unisma) has been a role model for   Islamic campuses including for The Islamic Institute (IAI) Ma’arif Metro Lampung. In attendance at Unisma, IAI signed a Memorandum of Understanding and also held a national seminar with the theme “Internalization of Aswaja Values ​​in Counteracting Radicalism in Indonesia”.

Unisma’s Rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si, in his remarks revealed the key to the success of Unisma.

“Another key to success is how to please everyone and frequently visiting the seniors while informing the  success of our campus, “said the rector of Unisma.

The Rector of IAI Ma’arif NU Metro Lampung, Dr. Mispani, M.PdI, expressed his pleasure at being able to attend Unisma with his graduate students.

“Our aim at coming to Unisma is to learn about campus management, making Unisma become a spectacular campus. As we all know that Unisma is indeed the largest NU campus and is a reference for other NU campuses, “he explained

The Rector of IAI also expressed his strong interest to adopt everything from Unisma, because IAI is a new campus. We really need to enhance human resourceand management and collaboration is very meaningful for  IAIMa’arif NU Metro Lampung.

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