The University of Islam Malang (Unisma) won the 2020 Radar Malang Award (RMA) as a campus with moderate and comprehensive Islamic character.

Unisma’s Rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si, said that the award would motivate Unisma to continue to strengthen itself towards a world class university. One of the efforts made is campus development in physical and quality aspects.

“For example, 5 buildings have just been completed this year, such as a-two floor  mosque, a laboratory on the 5th floor, the development of a new library and a flat,” Prof. Maskuri said.

In addition, Unisma also has students from 15 countries. This year, for example, the Rector of Unisma also mentioned that there were 60 new students from the fifteen countries. Even the community service and teaching practice  of Unisma students have also been carried out in various countries.

Furthermore, Prof. Maskuri added that Unisma has also reconstructed  a curriculum to increase competitiveness, one of which is by strengthening networks in the context of implementing the concept of independent learning.

There are three concepts that will be implemented, including  basic subjects, namely 60 percent face-to-face mode and 40 percent through experience. Meanwhile, the competency is obtained 50 percent inside the class and 50 percent outside the class. And for the support, 60 percen of the lecture will be held  in class and 40 percent outside the classroom.

The Rector of Unisma also added that in 2019, around 800 students take certified apprectices in state companies; and even the students are frequently recruited directly by state or private companies.