Unisma has established a Professional Certification Institute which has officially obtained a professional license certificate from the National Professional Certification Agency (NPCA) signed by the chairman of NPCA Kunjung Masehat, SH., MH on December 1, 2020.

Unisma rector, Prof. Dr. H Maskuri, M.Si, explained that license certification can be used by students to take the opportunity to welcome the work market.

“With this certification, it will become a new breakthrough for Unisma graduates so that they have a strong graduate competitiveness,” he explained.

In the 4.0 era which is currently being carried out intensively, Unisma is trying to become a university that provides many benefits for students so that they are able to compete globally with the skills and the certificates they have.

“Now, it is not enough for students to obtain a diploma or certificate, they must have skills that have obtained an official license, so Unisma provides a platform for students to have unlimited activities,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector IV for Institutional, Publication, and Information Technology, Dr. Ir. Hj. Istirochah Pujiwati, M.P said that getting a license certificate from NPCA is not easy.

“The process is long enough requiring  us to submit the proposal last August 2019. This aims at  providing added value for our graduates,” she added.

She further said  that it was the7th semester students who could register to take the competency test.

“The first competency test will be held on February 24, 2021,” she explained.

In addition, we also conducted assessor training attended by 24 assessors and all of them passed. Meanwhile, 5 assessors participated in other places (outside Unisma) so that the total number of Unisma assessors now is 29 independent assessors.

Later, this certification will be limited to 20 certifications for one period. “The assessors are not allowed to become the lecturers. We make sure we do not cooperate. The assessors are independent. This certification is very administrative,” she explained.

Meanwhile, the special registration fee for 2021 students will not be subject to additional fees because it has been included in the latest tuition fee. Then, for students other than the admission  year, additional fees are still charged.

However, Unisma provides a subsidy for the test in which each student just pays 450 thousand rupiahs. “Outside, it can be up to Rp. 1,250,000,” she added.

Director of Unisma Professional Certification Institute, Dr. Ir. Djuhari, M.Si, said that Unisma has established an independent  Professional Certification Institute with integrity to produce a superior, trusted, globally competitive, and noble workforce based on the teachings of the Islamic Ahlussunnah wal jamaah.

“Our goal is to produce competitive and competent students, relevant and quality competency schemes, and  competent as well as professional competency assessors. This is also the implementation of modern and accountable institutional governance,” he further explained.