The deputy chair of the people’s representative of republic of Indonesia, Dr. Ahmad Basara, MH, was present and gave nationality insight on the first day of new student orientation in Unisma, Sunday (1/9). The lively agenda taking place in auditorium Prof. Dr. KH. Muhammad Tholchah Hasan was attended by 4568 new students in 2019.

Beginning this agenda,Unisma’s Rector Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si said that Dr. Ahmad Basara, MH is a lecturer at the Law Faculty of Unisma

“Today Dr. Basara was present at Unisma as a state guest, but in fact he is also one of Unisma’s graduate lecturers, “the rector said

in his talk, Dr. Basarah explained that students asagent of change must fully maintain the identity and values ​​they hold.

“If you want to see the future,  look at today’s youth. “In the next 20 years this generation will replace today’s leaders,” explained the deputy chairof the Indonesian house of representative.

In this new student orientation, Unisma’s studentssigned a declaration which stated that they were ready and committed to safeguard the 4 pillars of the nation and the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.

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