Raka’s Achievement: an Inspiring Story

Since being admitted to UNISMA, Raka Wahyu Prayoga, a student of English department of UNISMA, almost never asked for tuition or boarding fees to his parents. In addition to studying at this university, he enjoys doing  his hobby, running. This hobby brings him to  be champions several times as he frequently takes part in marathon champhionshiop. “ In a month, I take part in  2 to 3 Marathon  competitions for various distances” He said.

If he wins competition, he always saves his winnings prize for college and his life as an overseas student. In fact, he also frequently gave amount of money  to his parents. “So I never take the money all, but I gave some to them but they don’t want to,” He said, imitating his parents.Instead, he givesthe money to his brothers.  This unique, inspiring story is a good example  for young people.This young boy from Pare , Kediri, has managed to make more money and acccomplish remarkable achievement though his hobby.“There have been many marathon championships for  various distances  I have taken part in. Last October, I placed the third winner for a- 5km Jakarta Marathon in 17 minutes. “The best time I have ever achieved for a- 5 km  marathon is 16 minutes 17 seconds” he said.