Students of Unisma empower the community by inviting the residents of Panggung Rejo village to cultivate silkworms. By renting villagers’ house yards, the students  made a pilot project to make  the community interested in developing cultivation with high economic prospects.

The chairperson of the Student Creativity House for Silkworm Cultivation, Addelia Shakilla, said that when visiting this village, she found a lot of vacant yards. The idea to optimize the residents’ yard for cultivation has occurred with this bright prospect. This is in line with the expectation of the local village head who also wants to turn his area into a tourist village.

“To realize the expectation, we agreed to make the Panggung Rejo village a center for silkworm cultivation particularly intended to become an educational tourism village that is able to generate high income, “said Addelia, a 6th semester student of the Faculty of Agriculture.

She also explained that silkworm cultivation is economically prospective. In general it is known that silk is highly selling. But silkworm cultivation requires land, which is in accordance with the conditions of growth.

Panggung Rejo village Kepanjen, Malang, has natural potential suitable for the growth of silkworms. Moreover, many terrace houses can be used for this cultivation. While the environmental requirements needed are adequate humidity, moderate temperature and free from rat pests.

The Student Creativity House of Unisma provides assistance until the harvest period. A harvest period takes 21 days and  this team will provide assistance for up to two periods.

It is hoped that with this Unisma Student Creativity House program, youth organization in the village  will be more open minded. Likewise, the economy of citizens will also  improve. Thus the dream of making the Panggung Rejo village as an educational tourism village has almost come true.

The Student Creativity House team for silkworm  cultivation  program consists of Dhea Alief Rahmasari, Santi Nur Aini, and Zuhanid Zamarudah from the Faculty of Agriculture. The three are semester 6 students. While Valliant Mulky Azzuri is in semester 4 of faculty of education and teacher training. This program is supervised by Dr. Siti Asmaniyah Mardiyani SP, MP.