1. The pentagonal shape coated with three layers represents Arkanul Islam(The five pillars of Islam) which become the foundation and the purpose of education and mission of UNISMA. Besides, it symbolizesthe five principles of Pancasila which reflects the characteristics of Indonesia in which also be the principle of UNISMA. Further more, It indicates the spirit of the knowledge, Islamic value, and empowerment mission as well as Tridharmaof higher education based on Iman (belief), Islam (Islamic religion), and Ihsan (the perfection or excellence of inner faith).
  1. An earth and nine stars represent the characteristics of Al-Ma’arif NU institution and the workplace to implement self-actualization for the academic community in UNISMA as an envoy on earth to carry out the mission towards the ideals of happiness of the world and hereafter.
  1. A mosque and its three domes represent the glory of Islam and the UNISMA mission orientation to the development of Islam and the perfection of aqidah (belief / faith), syari’ah (Islamic Law), and akhlaq (Attitude).
  2. An opened book consists of the four pages represent the effort of UNISMA to realizeits missions in the field of knowledge, technology, arts, and also Islamic values which reflects sincerity, honesty, and responsibility based on Islam.