a.   Vision of University of Islam Malang

  • Becoming an excellent and a world class university with future orientation on knowledge, technology, science, arts, and culture for the sake of civilized citizens based on Islam AhlussunnahwalJama’ah.

Mission of University of Islam Malang

  • Improving the quality of education, research, and community services whichis in favor of the benefit of the people towards a world class university.
  • Developing and disseminating the access of education and IslamAhlussunnahwalJama’ah.
  • Strengthening the institutional capacity to manifest the quality of education and international standardized learning through good university governance.

c.   The purposes of University of Islam Malang

  • Developing the learning processand conducive academic atmosphere for technology-based teaching and learning, research, and community services.
  • Developing knowledge, technology, arts, and culture to increase the citizens’ social welfare.
  • Producing good and well behaved human resources who are able to compete in the borderless society with the tolerance and moderate attitudes.
  • Developing UNISMA as an Islamic university with good university governance.

d.   The Educational milestones of University of Islam Malang

  • Good University Governance Phase (2011-2015)

Beingan excellent higher education institution towards a world class universitybased on Islam AhlussunnahwalJama’ah.During this phase, UNISMAhas started the international collaboration initiatives and has facilitated its faculty members and staff with international languages such as English, Chinese, and Arabic. It has also initiated summer program and students exchange.

  • Teaching University Phase (2015-2019)

During this period, UNISMAhas expanded its international networks, conducting more summer programs, and increasing the quality and quantity of its students’ exchange programs, and developing international classes.

  • Research University Phase (2019-2023)

Having completed the two previous phases, UNISMA implements joint research with overseas universities, lecturer exchanges, and joint committee of International conferences, as well as joint research publications.

  • Entrepreneur University Phase (2023-2027)

In order to create sustainable growth, UNISMA strengthens and develops its national and international standardized learning activities, as well as improves the quality and quantity of its patents.

  • World Class University Phase (2027-2031)

In this phase UNISMAis becoming a world class university in which its students, alumni, faculty members, and staff can compete internationally.