Graduate Study Program

Graduate Study Program

To anticipate the need for skilled and professional workforce in developing their knowledge. University of Islam Malang (Unisma) has established a graduate program (S-2) which began with the Master of Islamic Studies programSince 1996. Then followed by Master of Law, Master of Indonesian Language Education, Master of English Education. English, Master of Management and finally Master of Public Administration. Additionally, Unisma has openeddoctoral or postgraduate program namely Islamic Education Study Program

Master Programs (S-2):


Doctoral Programs (S-3):

  • Islamic Education

Excellent Programs

The structure of the excellent program consists of groups of courses (KMK). NamelyBasic Skills Course, General Basic Course, Compulsory Course, Elective Course / Matriculation, Thesis and SupportiveCourses. The education implementation consists of theory, seminars and case studies through face to face meetings for 3 semesters, followed by thesis writing for one to two semesters. On the process stage, specialization can be selected according to the interests and projections of each student by obtaining special guidance facilities from competent lecturers in his or her specialty.

Academic Facilities
Seminar Room, Academic Counseling Room, Language Laboratory, Micro Teaching, Computer Laboratory, Library, Internet Center.

Collaboration between Institutions 
The collaboration has been conducted between Unisma and the Ministry of Religion, the Coordinator of Private Islamic Universities, the General Affairs, Islamic Affairs and several schools / Madrasah Tsanawiyah and Aliyah in terms of giving priority to continuing students studies in the graduate study program.

Study Period and CoursePeriods
The offered number of creditsare 36 – 45. Face-to-face lectures are held for 4 semesters including the preparation of thesis. Tutorial lectures are carried out effectively on working days according to the schedule and time allocation set by the semester credit system standard. Systematics and procedures lectures are stipulated in the Book of Academic Guidelines for the Unisma graduate Program.


Registration of graduate program in University of Islam Malang can be done at eachsemester, both odd and even semesters


Graduate Program Tuition Fee

Study Program Registration Tuition Fee Per Semester Reregistration
Islamic Education

Islamic Law


English Education

Indonesian Language Education


Public Administration Science

Animal Husbandry

Notarial Law



  1. Attach the certifiedand legalized copy of diploma dan academic record (transcript).
  2. Attach the 4 x 6 cm of photo 4 pieces.
  3. Pay the registration fee
  4. Complete the registration form