Concerned about the increasing number of obese sufferers, a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Unisma, examined soursop leaves. This reasearch leads  dr. Dini Sri Damayanti, M.Kes, to successfully earned her doctorate degree with a GPA of 3.9, which was very satisfactory.

According to dr. Dini, the increasing incidence of obesity spread to almost all countries, especially developing countries. The number of people with obesity is soaring towards an alarming number. She was then moved to research Soursop Leaf Water Extract or the Latin word Annona Muricata.

“The title of my dissertation is ” The Effect of Soursop Leaf Water Extract to Prevent Insulin Resistance through Dipeptidyl-peptidase 4 (DPP4) Inhibition in Male Wistan Rats Induced by a High Fat High Fructose Diet, “said Dini Damayanti, Saturday (5/9/2020).

Furthermore, the Ninth Doctor holder of medical faculty of Unisma explained that so far, soursop leaf herbs have been widely used by the community. The benefits of this leaf are good for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, anti-cancer and many others.

“Research in experimental animals has indeed been researched on its ability to increase insulin secretion,” said Dini Damayanti.

She further emphasized that in addition to consuming this herb, people must prioritize physical efforts namely by changing patterns of life and activities.

The lecturer who served as Head of the Department of udergraduate Medical Education Program of medical faculty of  Unisma also emphasized that consuming herbs is the last step after  changing activity patterns.

Meanwhile, when consuming herbs, the public is advised to ensure that the product has received permission from the Food and Drug Control Agency. At a minimum, the production process has gone through the initial standard production process including the packaging process to permit distribution of sales for public consumption.

“People also have to know the right dose when consuming herbs”said dr. Dini.