K.H. Masjkur was listed a a national hero by President Joko Widodo. This was welcomed by all parties as well as the extended family of Islamic University of Malang. K.H. Masjkur was the Commander in Chief of Laskar Sabilillah, a BPUPKI Member who formulated Pancasila and the 1945 constitution, chair of the first Malang Islamic University Foundation (1981 – 1994 Period), Founder of the Sabilillah foundation, general chairperson of PBNU, and minister of religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

His biography  states that K.H. Masjkur was born in Singosari, Malang Regency, on 30 December 1904 and died on 19 December 1994, at the age of 89 years. K.H. Masjkur was listed as chairman of the PBNU for the period 1952-1956. Since 1973 K.H. Masjkur became chairman of the central advisory council for the Partai Persatuan Pembangunan (PPP) after the fusion of Islamic parties at that time. In 1978, he occupaied deputy speaker of house of representative until 1983.

K.H. Masjkur completed his work at NU in 1984. K.H. Masjkur’s contribution helped color the dynamics of this nation. He devoted himself to the development of Islamic education in the country until the end of his life

His involvement in the struggle for independence was prominent during the Japanese occupation, as a member of the Indonesian Investigation Preparatory Agency. Masjkur was also listed as the founder of the Defender of the Motherland (Peta) – which later became an element of the people’s army and Indonesian National Army throughout Java. During the November 10, 1945 battle, his name emerged as the leader of the Sabilillah Front.

This was a paramilitary organization formed by the Dai Nippon government and would later become one of the main elements of the Indonesian National Army. Service of K.H. Masjkur as minister of religion in the Ali Sastroamidjojo I Cabinet was completed on August 12, 1955. After that, he briefly entered parliament until 1971, namely by becoming a member of the House of reresentatve, DPRGR, and Chair of the Islamic Group in the House of Representative / People’s Reperesentative as well as a member of the Supreme Advisory Council (DP) .

On Friday, November 8, 2019 before the Heroes’ Day commemoration, K.H. Masjkur was determined by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia as a National Hero. The title was given in accordance with Presidential Decree Number 120 / TK / 2019 concerning the Awarding of the National Hero Title.