Two teams of students from the undergraduate Mathematics Education Study Program of the Unisma were able to show potential in the field of entrepreneurship. They passed the 2020 prestigious Student Business Innovation Competition.

The competition held by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia is intended to produce creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 as well as to build students’ soft skills.

The first team consisted of Okta Pita Dian Sari, Eka Faradina, Hermawati, Diah Lopika Anggrayani, Nova Widia Ningsih and Lutfa Arini Isnaini Putri. They proved themselves worthy of being counted not only in mathematics, but also in the fields of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Okta Pita and the team made a unique breakthrough, namely the Dyscalculia Detection Card which is claimed to be an early detection tool for counting disorders (Dyscalculia) in children. This product is not yet on the market; even Dyscalculia is not very familiar to the public.

Alhamdulilah (Thank God) after  six months of invention, the community is very enthusiastic and in the future we will take care of intelectual property right and produce more ” said Okta Pita, the team leader.

In addition, Didik Prastiyo, a Mathematics Education Study Program student who is also the owner of the Malang mask art business managed to get his team to qualify for the 2020 Student Business Innovation Competitio together with his colleagues, Anita Candra Dewi, Muhammad Zuhuuron Firdaus Sumaji and Uchi Fatmawati.

Student Business Innovation Competition Team Advisor, Dr. Surya Sari Faradiba, S.Si., M.Pd, said that the Mathematics Education Study Program has a special edupreneur program to facilitate students who have passion in entrepreneurship. Through this program, students are provided with the basics of entrepreneurship theory, a business plan, a business model canvas and filing financial reports.

“Mathematics Education Study Program does not only produce professional teachers, but  also an edupreneur. With the success of our two teams at the 2020 Student Business Innovation Competition, we hope that it will strengthen the student entrepreneurial network in the future, “she said.