Unisma’s research and community service unit in collaboration with  the Brantas Nature Conservation Commission (TKSDA) invite the people who are members of the Social Assistance Community (BASKOMAS MALANG RAYA) consisting of elements of agencies, the Indonesian Army, the Indonesian Police,  Academicians, Institutions, Community Organizations and Community to conduct a Trans-boundary Synergy Awareness Movement incorporated in “My Green Nature” social movement.

This activity began with “Green Ceremony” led by the Rector of University of Islam Malang (Unisma) Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri M.Si. In his remarks he revealed that there have been huge destructions due to ignorant human actions such as landslides due to illegal logging and floods due to piled up garbage in the river.

Meanwhile H. M. Hudin Al Sonny, Chairman of the Brantas Conservation commission, explained that this is one of the ways to involve community to care about the environment because basically waste is harmful.

“Water that has been polluted with garbage will cause itch for bathing and even cause death for the fish living in such polluted water” he said.

H.M. Hudin also stressed to stop throwing garbage into the river, because it harms other living things and pollutes the environment. He also added that this river cleaning activity is routinely carried out every Sunday morning and involving different communities. And this time this activity is performed in Brantas river around Tlogomas – Dinoyo