Unisma held the inauguration of the management of student creativity unit for the 2020 period, Saturday (11/1). This activity was attended by all student creativity unit management both the executive committee and the management who would be appointed. this activity was carried out in the 7th floor graduate program  building.

There are 16 student creativity units in  and in January every student creativity unit management will inaugurate the new management.

This activity was opened directly by the rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si. In his remarks, he always advised that being a student was not enough just going to college.

In addition to learning academic courses on campus, students need to develop their non-academic potential through activities such as joining members or administrators at student creativity unit.

Furthermore, the Vice Rector 3 for Religion, Alumni, and Student Affairs, Dr. H. Badat Muwakhid, expressed his gratitude to the management of SMEs who were demisioners because they had given a outstanding achievement during their tenure.

The Vice Rector 3 also hopes that next year with the new management, student creativity unit can contribute to branding of the Unisma campus through good achievements.

The inauguration procession was divided into four sessions because there were many administrators at each student creativity unit in Unisma. On the sidelines of the inauguration procession there were a number of UKM performances such as dance performances from Sekar Langit dance ofstudent creativity unit, Gambus performances from Islamic art student creativity unit, and musical performances from student creativity unit of Gaung 193 music.

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