In the commemoration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1441 H. Malang Islamic University presents a young, religious and millennial public speaker,  KH. Miftah Maulana Habiburrahman or more familiarly called Gus Miftah. The presence of Gus Miftah is expected to provide new inspiration, especially in understanding and practicing the teachings of Islam “ Said the rector of University of Islam Malang.

“Prophet Muhammad is a role model for all of us. That is so special since all teachings of the Prophet are satetd in the Koran, “said the Rector of Unisma.

Truely, there are good examles in the Messenger of Allah such as on how the Prophet constructs Islamic theories, the Prophet tolerate culture as well as civilization, and how he lays the foundations of the Mualamat and Shari’a.

“At present there are around 400  religion beliefs in Indonesia.  Thus all people need to be vigilant and pay close attention. For this reason, Unisma emphasized that the role of students today is very necessary, in order to guard and overcome radicalism, “added the Unisma’s rector

Furthermore, the rector of Unisma also added that it is our duty, so that we will create a peaceful, tolerant, and harmonious  Indonesia.

Gus Miftah in his religious speech also invited all lecturers, employees, and students of the Islamic University of Malang to love the Prophet Muhammad for no reason or taken for grnated.

” if we love someone without reason; moreover love you our prophet; thus we have to love him taken for granted such as by commemorating his birth day” the message was conveyed by Gus Miftah during the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday celebration in the auditorium of Prof. Dr. KH. Muhammad Tholhah Hasan Unisma with the theme of  “The Spirit of the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW: Spread love to establish human relationship. The religious speech was getting merrier with the Sholawat modified by  Gus Miftah singing in front of  around 5000 attendees consisting of lecturers, employees, students and the general public. Among the songs, he modified mundur alon-alon, ditinggal rabi and so forth  for sholawatan. Gus Miftah, the caretaker of the Ora Aji Islamic Boarding School,  ended his religious speech by reciting  prayers.