A total of ten faculties of University of Islam Malang (Unisma) signed a Memorandum of  Agreement with Moscow City University, Samara Russia. The signing was held virtually on the 2nd floor of the Unisma Central Building, Monday (28/9) yesterday.

One by one, the deans of each faculty signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) simultaneously with Moscow City University, Samara Russia. Each signed draft is shown to the camera for each other to know.

Vice rector 4 of Unisma, Dr. Ir. Hj. Istirochah Pujiwati, MP, said that the signing of the MoA with Moscow City University was related to the international credit transfer program. Embracing international universities is proof of Unisma’s seriousness towards a world-class campus.

Vice rector 4 of Unisma further said  that MoA with overseas campuses is a strategic step for Unisma to build international networks. Until now there have been 28 foreign collaborations that have been built by Unisma. One of them is with Moscow City University.

From this collaboration, 30 Unisma students will study at Moscow City University for six credits from September to December. Seven of the 30 students have passed the grant program from the Indonesian Ministry of Education. They are from the English Study Program, State Administration Science and Accounting Study Program.

“This is important for all study programs including those in a graduate level because it is an accreditation indicator of National Accreditation Board  of Higher Education. This includes the ranking or clustering of universities, ”she said.

Head of the Unisma International Affairs Office, Dr. Imam Wahyudi Karimullah, MA said that competition between institutions spurs one another to be creative. One of Unisma’s creativities is developing foreign cooperation.

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s International Credit Transfer Program in this case was won by seven Unisma students from faculty of economomic and business, faculty of teacher training education, and faculty of administratiion science. However, in its implementation, Unisma provides an opportunity for 23 students from other faculties to join the program.

A total of 30 students across faculties can enjoy studying at Moscow City University. “This is in line  with the Independent Learning program launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture to give students the freedom to take courses outside their study program, including outside the campus and even abroad, “he said.

In return for the International Credit Transfer program, Unisma is also open to Moscow City University students.

“We have also offered students from several study programs to study at Unisma. In the near future, we will begin lectures, “he concluded.